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Debt Collection

Default Notices

A notice sent to a debtor to inform them that they are in default of an agreement, and that such agreement should be brought up to date.

Follow-up Notices

Reminders to a debtor that they remain in default of a particular agreement, and to encourage payment.

Registered Letters of Demand

Putting the debtor to terms, giving them a final cut-off period in which the defaulted agreement should be brought up to date.

Blacklisting & Removal

Blacklisting debtors with the relevant credit bureaus as prescribed by law when an agreement has not been brought up to date by the cut-off period, which negatively affects such debtors credit worthiness.

Tracing & Verification Solutions

Consumer Search

A Consumer Trace is a tracing product supplying the last known telephone numbers, address and consumer information on an individual. A Consumer Report is a customized consumer credit enquiry showing an individual's personal details.

Commercial Search

A Commercial Search report displays the Business Identification Information, including particulars of past and present principal's & default information.

ID Verification

An ID Verification checks that a supplied ID number is valid and verified against the supplied name and surname as per the Department of Home Affairs.

Criminal Check

This report offers clients the ability to request background screening whether for pre or post-employment reasons, fraud investigations, or migration requirements.

Driving License Verification

The Driving Licence Verification provides you with the driving license information including date of issue and expiry date, code status as well as endorsements.

Bank Account Verification

Account verification allows you to verify whether an account exists and whether it belongs to a particular individual. This verification works for Absa Bank, Standard Bank, Nedbank, First National Bank, and Capitec account holders.

Credit Health

A Credit Health Report allows you to gain access to your credit score, credit history and default information held by three of the leading Credit Bureaus namely TransUnion, XDS and Experian.

Qualification Verification

Qualifications Verifications enables our Members to verify the qualification details of a potential employee and/or candidate prior to offering them employment.

Legal Services

Business Rescue Proceedings

As defined by the Companies Act 71 of 2008, Masters Legal Consulting aims to facilitate the rehabilitation of a company that is "financially distressed" by providing for the temporary supervision of the company and management of its affairs, business and property.

Application for Liquidation

In such instances that a company cannot be rehabilitated in an economically sustainable manner, our offices proceed with an application for liquidation on the companies behalf & notify the company creditors accordingly.

Ad Hoc Legal Advice

Our offices lead and advise you every step of the way in any company matter in which you need legal advice, ranging from labour law & retrenchments to the Companies Act and what you should know.

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