About Us

Masters Legal Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic and progressive company providing tailor-made debt collection solutions throughout South Africa and the USA and across multiple industries.

Our completely automated debt collection system is accessible by our clients 24 hours a day, which ensures transparency in the process, accessibility to information and gives you the peace of mind to track your case every step of the way. Whether you require low or high volume account collections, we should be your first choice. We understand that each and every account has an impact on your bottom line. We improve your cash flow by recovering what is rightfully owed to you. Our clients range from international brands to small to medium Enterprises.

What makes us different?

Due to our automated system, our turn around time for progress is much quicker than that of our competitors. Once a client has registered with us and handed over their first case to us via our form links, provided all the information is there, the first notice to the debtors and progress report to the client is sent out within 24 Hours.

Our Target Market

Our target market is Small, Medium & Large Enterprises with bulk collection handovers, who wish to outsource their collections. Because of the fact that every company either runs on delivering a service or product, there will always be amounts due and outstanding, and in most instances, debtors that will not pay until it is handed over to a collections facility.

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Step 1: Complete this form & mandate to register as a client with Masters Legal Consulting on desktop or mobile device without any unnecessary and costly consultation fees.

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Debtor Handover Form

Step 2: Handover your first debtor in 5 minutes using our easy and convenient form. Provided we have all the relevant information, the first notice is sent to the debtor within 1 business day. You receive your first progress report with action taken at the same time.

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